Hill City House Keepers

We say House Keepers, not volunteers. Volunteers sign up halfheartedly. House Keepers demonstrate servant leadership and take ownership of their roles. House Keepers have experienced life on the inside. They know the joy and love of being planted in the House of the Lord, and they keep His house, welcoming others to experience Jesus. They are the heartbeat of Hill City Church.

Children's Ministry:

We can always use House Keepers in the rotation to work with toddlers in one of our rooms, middle schoolers in our larger back room, or help in our nursery with the babies so that parents can get needed rest, worship, and time listening to God's word.

Door Holder:

Door Holders open the doors and greet each person that steps inside Hill City with a smile and enthusiasm.

In-House Host:

In-House Hosts are always on the lookout to welcome, engage, and have conversations with people sitting down early, those who come in alone, or brand new visitors.


Our Parking Team helps direct the parking lot and welcome people on the ground level.


Hospitality comes early with food or baked goods, helps make sure everything is tidy before service, and works the coffee bar.

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